Straw to Gold crafts connected experiences for brands. We work through internet technologies, design + media to create digital products and effective marketing solutions. We take pride in contributing to purposeful ventures.


Marketing Strategy / Positioning

Identity Graphics / Brand Design

Database / Automation

Web Destination / E-commerce

Mobile App / Design + Development

Photography / Brand Films

Social Media / Marketing Collateral

Product Design / Development


Benjamin Ariff, Principal

office:  (503) 683-3328

Portland + Los Angeles

Fairytales generate fresh interpretations upon proven narratives, connecting directly to memory through emotion. Businesses today must attract attention through beautiful communications around purposeful brands. Success comes from being preferred, whether you’re a dusty children’s book or a growing company.

Our agency works to be a valued partner for our clients by delivering effective creative work within a clear strategy. As entrepreneurs ourselves we have real experience to draw upon when approaching novel opportunities. Let us show you how to utilize design, technology and media to enhance your brand and build lasting value for your company

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