LA Crawl

When Los Angeles County installed the Expo line from Downtown LA to Santa Monica, they had commuters in mind. Small business owners throughout LA, Culver City, and Santa Monica saw an opportunity to boost the local economy, so they created the Tri-City Alliance. TCA called upon Straw to Gold to help turn their idea into action, that’s how LA Crawl was born.

Together we created an Expo-opening-day event that gave personal, digital itineraries to Los Angelenos to explore local restaurants and watering holes right off the new line. We partnered with Lyft and local nonprofits to give tens of thousands of people a night they’d be sure to recreate again and again.





Fun Data

Our app helped take the guesswork out of exploring the city. It featured a custom mapping algorithm that builds unique itineraries for each participant. The system also included a digital liability waiver and desktop and mobile access. A custom backend was built to manage all participant locations and track a gold mine of useful user data.