Project Description

The Perfect Shot

Kessler is the leading innovator of equipment for filmmakers, but that didn’t mean they had to stop there. We lent them our expertise by creating them a first-of-its-kind app that would become a Kessler-filmmaker’s best friend. The app served to take the guesswork out of programming the controls, so filmmakers could get flawless, high-quality timeleasses everytime. The app launched on the iOS platform for both iPhone and iPad with features that included a robust time-lapse calculator, light, level, product tutorials, and early integrations of Vimeo. It was our gift, one filmmaker to another.


This tool wasn’t only technical and educational for filmmakers, but became a positive sales tool for their line of equipment. This app transformed how people relate with their cameras, and how they buy them, and we hope to work on many more projects like this.

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