Project Description

A New Way to Train

World-renowned basketball coach Joe Abunassar is highly sought after for training—but he can only be on one court at a time. We solved that for him by creating a custom learning platform entirely on the web. The online certification program featured several hundred videos as well as graphics and diagrams, so that passionate players could learn from Joe no matter where they were. Not only was a new revenue stream solidified, global site traffic quadrupled. The program was so popular in China we had to create a version of the program culturally and linguistically fit for viewers in China. In this game, everyone won gold.






Home Court Advantage

Joe would rather focus on shaping the next NBA stars than a photo shoot, so our assets going in were thin. So we did what we do best and got crafty. We built dozens of custom assets that turned out to be effective learning tools, and unique branded items for the Impact Basketball team to work with for future communications.

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