Project Description

Ice Jack

A principal of physics is that gyrating a container of liquid causes faster heat transfer than if the container was not moving. Applying this to cooling beverages, the team developed an affordable, durable, rechargeable and convenient product. 
David Goetz led the industrial design of the project. David is a master of product design and engineering for production, and is behind both the function and elegance of the product, as well as the countless iterations to improve and refine the design to meet with market expectations of a polished product. 
The branding was developed with the help of Eric Miller and Steve Watson, and led by Adam Mefford. Arriving at the name Ice Jack, the goal was to convey a sense of power and immediacy, while also referencing the requirement of ice in order for the product to work. 
This venture continues now with seed round financing and production in China, overseen by Amalgam Solid. 

original concept / team formation

resourcing / fund raising

marketing strategy / positioning

identity graphics / brand design

photography / film / online media

web design / online presence

mobile development / apps

social media / marketing collateral

sustaining management