Project Description

Better Testing Through Disruptive Technology


Fluxergy is a medical testing product of the future—their invention could help change the way many industries operate, and many patients retrieve care. The problem was, it was a complex and intricate idea that had to be simply translated to a diverse range of customers. Luckily, at Straw to Gold, targeted customer messaging is our strong suit. We created several successful videos to explain the product quickly and effectively all while reinforcing the brand identity.





Motion Sound Stamp

At the forefront of this project was creating memorable logo animation and sound stamp to connect all their digital content. As a rapidly growing start-up getting their name out there was essential and having a strong visual presence to tie their web of multi-platform information together was key to accomplishing that. Our team dug deep into the mission of the company to craft an impactful animation.

Fluxergy ‘Equine’
Fluxergy ‘Manufacturing’
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