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Straw to Gold crafts films that resonate.  We tell stories that educate others, record historical facts, teach cultural values, bridge generations, set standards, and share common experiences.

We believe in the power of great storytelling and its ability to generate opportunities for businesses, make connections between their product and the real life experiences.  Stories create empathy and provide a meaningful way to change and benefit the customer.

Straw to Gold provides full script to screen service.  With an expertise in branding, we align your film with your overall goals and develop an effective communication strategy. Stories mold our thinking and facilitate the creative process while helping to provide solutions.


Benjamin Ariff

Benjamin Ariff is a producer and creative director. He has experience in developing and creating content, directing design and implementing technology driven strategies. Benjamin has created and produced large scale websites, mobile sites, mobile apps, commercials, social campaigns, and brand systems for a variety of businesses. Benjamin’s brings a strategic approach to his work and truly enjoys developing films and commercials.

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Harmony Through Design

Manhattan In Motion

Mojeh Cover Shoot

Mortal Kombat

David C. Weldon Jr.
Director of Photography

David lives in Los Angeles shooting Commercials, Narrative Film and Documentary projects. He just recently completed projects for Ford, Golf Magazine and he Directs web content for Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC and his educational websites. David has developed a way of creating high production value, delivering various looks and character development of what his Directors are going for while staying on time and on budget.

“Growing Up Ford”

A Stain in Time

US Tennis Association


Jon Carr

Jon Carr is a Los Angeles based director and post production specialist. He works with clients such as Adobe, Canon, NBC, and Moment Factory. He recently completed the shooting and post production for a major art installation within the international terminal of LAX that was delivered in 5K and is displayed on a 120 foot screen. Jon also shot a 20 hour time lapse for Coldplay that is currently being played during the bands world tour.

Los Angeles


Grande Cheese – Clover Hill Farm


Justin Hamilton

Justin has been making films as long as he can remember.  What started with stop-motion animation projects on hot summer days in Texas, led him to study at USC School of Cinematic Arts, and has recently turned into some semblance of a career crafting moving images for various reasons.

Fayettechill In America

Electric Zoo: Mexico City

Electric Zoo – “Our Secret Place”

Electric Zoo Official Film

Behind the Scenes


Check out our extensive equipment, locations, and see the Canon C300 II in action. Learn about the making of the RyWire documentary film.

Late Shift

Behind the scenes of Late Shift in which a desperate girl seeks work through the help wanted section of a local paper that leads her to a vintage relic muesum and an unsettling curator. Soon after arrival the girl is locked in for the night and things are far from what they seem within this neon shop of horrors.


ABC Networks







Hewlett Packard





Moment Factory


Zealot Networks

O2 Treehouse