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'Forever Country' takes home award for Video of the Year from the Academy of Country Music Awards (ACMA) 2017 Straw to Gold is proud to have produced the 2nd unit for this amazing music video collaboration. In celebration of “The 50th Annual CMA Awards,” CMA has created the biggest music video in Country Music history. Titled “Forever Country,” the single and accompanying music video features 30 CMA Award-winning acts. This single was produced by CMA Board member and CMA Award winner Shane McAnally and the video was directed by Grammy Award-winning director Joseph Kahn. Visit for more information. A big shout out to 2nd unit Director of Photography, David C. Weldon Jr.  View all the winner:

Standout Branding from Natural Products Expo West / Generative Creativity   Natural Products Expo is the world's largest natural, organic and healthy products event, held each spring in Anaheim California. Over 3,000 companies are present to connect with some 80,000 attendees. The ‘natural products’ industry includes all manner of packaged foods, functional foods and consumer goods. The convention serves as a launching point for 500+ young companies, bringing their innovation and new brands to market. These concepts range from free range pork rinds to seaweed hummus and sunscreen from coconut oil, and much else. As someone who works at the intersection of branding and entrepreneurship, the Expo is a fantastic look at creative problem solving from across the country. Here are five companies I noticed which stood out from the crowd through having strong concepts behind their branding. [...]

Things they don’t teach you about branding in school

Image: visual reference work for a new brand Sherpa House While a student at Art Center I repeatedly took a class titled Identity Systems taught by veteran graphic designers. I had the class with three different professors, each with a slightly distinctive view on the problem being solved for the fictional client entity. The upside of the approach taught, especially by Keith Knueven, was to think of visual identity for brands as a palette of graphic cues. These would not only include a primary logo and logotype, fonts and colors, but also many other relatable elements which would provide for a more flexible embedding of the brand in the world. For the students, it was presented that brand design fulfilled the function that all entities need constant means of presenting [...]

Archetypes for Branding

The term ‘branding’ is a perpetual favorite for both designers and entrepreneurs. At a root level, people are very much driven to achieve a sense of identity which others respect, and to align with a known brand is a form of recognition. Even better is to craft a brand of one’s own. In a world of ideas contending for our attention, a brand is essential a ‘designed idea’. When we undertake the process of developing our brand as an individual, or the brand of our business we are shaping and strengthening a core idea which permeates all activities of the business and upholds the ethos of the organization. One single idea. Well, not a single word, or even a single sentence, but a collection of concepts which concisely capture the [...]

A Record of Found Logomarks